Augustinians Dublin – John’s Lane

We are very excited to announce that a new church has joined our website.  John’s Lane (Augustinians Dublin) from St Thomas Street, Dublin has gone live today on

The journey of John’s Lane first started back in 1180 when Aelerd the Palmer, who was a Norman living in Dublin at the time, set up a monastery and a hospital after seeing the sick when he was traveling home from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

In 1862, work began on building the Church, this was lead by Fr. Martin Crane, a priest from Co. Wexford.  The architect was a man called Edward Welby Pugin and he was assisted by his partner George C. Ashling.  The plans for the church followed the style of a French gothic church, Pugin’s father was known as one of the main revivers of this style of architecture in the UK and Ireland. The Church was opened to the public in 1874 and the second phase began in 1892 under the architect William Hague. It took till 1895 to complete and they officially opened it on the 15th of December 1895.

Nowadays, John’s Lane (Augustinians Dublin) still has the highest steeple in the city and it is visible all over Dublin. It still stands out as one of the most interesting and amazing forms of architecture in the whole of the city.

Mass times for Holy Week, live from John’s Lane, can be found on the website.

We hope you all enjoy your Easter.

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