“Thank you for your generous, total and perpetual ‘yes’”, Benedict XVI

Around 1,600 young religious waited for Benedict XVI in the monastery of El Escorial. Four of them accompanied the pope through the door to enter the ‘Patio of the Kings’. The cardinal and archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela thanked the pope for his visit with the religious of Spain.

Card. Antonio María Rouco Varela
“This makes a special and endearing mark, appreciating the gift of this meeting with His Holiness as a delicate sign of his paternity with them.”

Cardinal Rouco Varela acknowledged the work already undertaken by these young volunteers and religious for the World Youth Day.

Benedict XVI
“This Gospel radicalism means being ‘rooted and built up in Christ, and firm in the faith’. In the consecrated life, this means going to the very root of the love of  Jesus Christ with an undivided heart, putting nothing ahead of this love and being completely devoted to him, the Bridegroom, as were the Saints, like Rose of Lima and Rafael Arnáiz, the young patrons of this World Youth Day.”

Benedict XVI also spoke about how a personal encounter with Jesus has a special impact on their lives and in society.

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