Rome Reports: Pope gets ready for busy trip to Germany

Below is a short excerpt from Rome Reports about the popes upcoming trip to Germany.

“The pope will have a busy schedule in his upcoming trip to Germany. To start off, the Vatican says, the pope will meet with  representatives of other major religions during the visit which runs from September 22nd to the 25th. He has a total of 18 official speeches planned in Berlin, Erfurt and Freiberg.

The first major speech will be on the 22nd, when  the pope addresses Germany’s parliament in Berlin. He’s also planning on meeting the local Jewish community. Afterward, the pope will celebrate a Mass in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

On Friday the 23rd,  the pope will meet with the Muslim community. Then, he plans to travel to the city of Erfurt, where he’ll visit the Augustinian monastery where Martin Luther studied. In that very spot, he’ll also meet with  leaders of the Evangelical Church in Germany. Then, an inter-religious celebration will take place. The pope will also stop at the Etzelsbach shrine in what used to be former East Germany.”

By Rome Reports

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