Zenit:European Shrine Directors Gather in England

Below is an excerpt from an article on Zenit.org about a meeting of Catholic shrine directors from across Europe and the increasing popularity of shrine visits.
“Shrine directors from across Europe converged on one of England’s oldest Marian shrines today to discuss the present popularity in religious pilgrimage sites.

Directors from Germany, Slovenia, Romania, England, Poland, France, Ireland and Portugal will meet through Friday at the National Shrine of Walsingham, in Norfolk County. The theme of the gathering is “Evangelization and Gestures of Popular Piety.”

This year, the shrine is celebrating its 950th anniversary, and has had one of its busiest pilgrimage seasons ever, having received approximately 100,000 pilgrims.

Father Alan Williams, Walsingham’s shrine director, commented on the popularity of shrines in statement sent to ZENIT, “Many people visit Catholic shrines who are either not Christian or rarely attend church. They have an interest in spirituality and are willing to travel as part of that search.

“Our task, as shrine directors, is to make that experience as fulfilling and rewarding as we can and that’s what we’ll be discussing this week, as well as sharing news and information.”

By Zenit.org

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