CiNews: News England & Wales Bishops launch “a vision for the church in our land”

Below is a short excerpt from an article in CiNews about a new vision for the church that was recently launched by the bishops of England and Wales.

“The Bishops of England and Wales have reflected together on the Holy Father’s pilgrimage to the Great Britain and launched A vision for the Church in our Land on the anniversary of his visit.

“We recall the excitement, vision and hope that stirred in the hearts of so many who watched or took part in those historic events.  Many experienced the visit as a powerful encounter of God’s love and a welcome response to the deep thirst there is among the British people for the Good News of Jesus Christ,” the bishops state.

Integral to the Vision document, they write, “is recognising the importance of being confident, faithful and courageous in our mission, teaching and witness.”

They highlight three priorities:

  • Mission – To proclaim the universal call to holiness in Christ – by promoting a culture of vocation within the corporate identity of the Catholic Church, marked by a confident Catholic faith;
  • Teaching- To proclaim Christ and his Gospel as saving truth – by fostering and encouraging a culture of dialogue and solidarity and in terms of witness.
  • Witness- To proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of God – by serving and witnessing to the whole community, especially by supporting marginalised and vulnerable people.”

By Anne Marie Foley

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