CiNews: 68th miracle of Lourdes is officially recognised

Below is an excerpt of an article on CiNews about the official recognition of a new miracle of Lourdes, which brings to 68 the total number of miracles associated with the site.

“A new miracle has been officially recognised at Lourdes.

The unexplained cure of Italian nun, Sister Luigina Traverso, has been officially declared a miracle by Mgr Alceste Catella, Bishop of Casale Monferrato in Italy, the diocese in which the Salesian Sister resides.

The case of a nun who started walking after being paralysed for years has become the 68th miracle to be recognised at the French shrine of Lourdes.  The priest at Traverso’s diocese of Casale Monferrato officially recognised it as a miracle at a Mass Thursday, the Sanctuary authorities said.

The incident happened in July 1965, when the nun, Luigina Traverso, started walking during a visit to the holy site.  Born in 1934, the nun had been wheelchair-bound despite several operations for lumbar sciatica.  She, “was overwhelmed by a sensation of warmth and well-being and warm sensation and felt the sudden impulse to get up,” said the Catholic Silesian Sisters order, the Filles de Marie-Auxiliatrice.  “She started moving her paralysed limbs.”

By Gerard Bennett

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