CiNews:Parents more important than school for academic results, says study

Below is an excerpt of an article on CiNews about the findings of a new study that suggests good parenting is more important than the quality of a school in terms of educational attainment.

“Good parenting is more important than the quality of a school in terms of educational attainment, a new study suggests.

According to research involving 10,000 teenagers, the home environment is three times more important than the school when it comes to 18-year-olds’ test results, reports The Daily Telegraph.  Students at weaker schools whose parents took a keen interest in their children’s education performed better in tests than children at better schools who had apathetic parents.

However, the research shows that the quality of a school still matters, especially at secondary stage when children are more liable to be influenced by relationships outside the home.  The team, from North Carolina State University in the US, studied the relative importance of what they termed, “family social capital,” with that of, “school social capital.”

Toby Parcel, professor of sociology, and one of the three authors of the study, said, “While both school and family involvement are important, the role of family involvement is stronger when it comes to academic success.”  The difference was not marginal, she noted, it overwhelmingly showed the home environment matters more.

She said, “I don’t want to suggest that schools are unimportant, because clearly they are important.  However, I do think that parents should realise how important they are to their children achieving academic success.”

Bu Tom O’Gorman

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