CiNews: Catholic schools more socially inclusive, ESRI study shows

Below is an excerpt of an article on CiNews about a recent study on diversity in Irish primary schools that was recently conducted by the ESRI.

“Catholic schools do better than other schools on a number of measures of social inclusion, according to a new study on diversity in Irish primary schools conducted by the ESRI.

The study, School Sector Variation among Primary Schools in Ireland, released on Tuesday, was commissioned by Educate Together.

The findings echo those of a Department of Education audit conducted in 2008 that showed Catholic schools have the highest levels of social inclusion across a range of measures.  It compares Catholic schools to minority faith schools and to Educate Together schools.

The research shows that while Educate Together schools are more likely to have children from non-Irish backgrounds, Catholic schools are more likely to have children from working class backgrounds, Traveller children, and children with sensory or physical disabilities.  According to the figures, both minority faith and multi-denominational schools had higher proportions of children from middle class backgrounds than Catholic schools.

A 2008 Department of Education audit of schools’ enrolment policies also showed that Catholic primary schools were more likely to enrol children from the traveller community, from non-Irish backgrounds and children with special needs than other denominational and multidenominational schools.”

By Tom O’Gorman

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