Catholic Herald:John McAreavey sets up Catholic foundation

Below is an excerpt from an article in the Catholic Herald about a new Catholic foundation that is being set up by John McAreavey in memory of his late wife Micahela, who was murdered on their honeymoon last year.

“A Catholic man whose wife was murdered on their honeymoon last year said his faith has helped him come to terms with his loss.

John McAreavey, 28, has set up a charitable foundation in memory of his late wife, Michaela, to help young people celebrate their Catholic faith.

Michaela McAreavey, 27, was murdered as the couple honeymooned in Mauritius just 12 days after the wedding. Two hotel workers charged with her murder were acquitted after a lengthy trial earlier this year.

Asked if the murder of his wife had led him to question his faith, John McAreavey said: “Quite the opposite. My faith gave me great resolve. Thank God I have my faith.”

His wife, a religion teacher in a Catholic school, had “an unwavering faith”, he said.

Mr McAreavey established the Michaela Foundation so that “the values which Michaela lived in her life should live on, and [so] that young people can succeed in life fulfilment and happiness with faith, confidence and fun as their foundation”.

The campaign received a huge boost with a charity Gaelic football match in Belfast, Northern Ireland, last Sunday. The “Match for Michaela” drew an estimated 20,000 fans to raise funds for the foundation.”

By Michael Kelly

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