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Spirit Radio – Passion for Life

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Church Services TV is delighted to announce on behalf of Spirit FM

Irelands’ first ever Christian Radio station will arrive – January 27th 2011.

Spirit Radio plans to air a mix of familiar music hits containing positive lyrics as well as a broad selection of contemporary Christian music.  Spirit Radio is to be enjoyed. It won’t preach to the choir by getting stuck into heavy doctrine. It aspires to exemplify the joy of Christianity through its appealing contemporary music, positive lyrics and chat.

6 years ago, ‘Spirit FM’ operated a temporary 3-month license as a forerunner to the Spirit Radio we know today. One particular story relates to a young chartered accountant working for KPMG, Niall Leahy. Like many Irish, Niall hadn’t considered his Catholic roots seriously. Dipping into depression and exploring Buddhism, Niall one day stumbled across Spirit FM. He was immediately intrigued by what he considered quality music and inspiring speech content. Later he heard an advertisement for a Youth2000 retreat and decided that he at least needed to see what Catholicism had to offer before looking elsewhere. Niall attended the retreat and started a journey back to God and the Catholic Church. Today Niall is into his second year training for the priesthood and continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of Spirit Radio.

The station is located close to RTE on the 88-92kHz FM band in Dublin (89.9), Cork (90.9), Galway (91.7), Limerick (89.8) and Waterford (90.1).